Following the shortening of the Covid phases all of us here in Merchants Quay Shopping Centre are delighted to welcome you back as the next tranche of our stores are now reopened.

In keeping with government and health guidelines you will notice a number of changes that have been put in place to safeguard your health & safety and that of our staff.

  • The entrance doors on St Patrick Street and Merchants Quay have been designated as entrance and exit doors and we have installed directional arrows throughout the Centre.
  • We have also introduced queuing at both the ladies and gents toilets and signage is in place explaining how the queuing system operates. We ask that all visitors adhere to the signage at all times and maintain the recommended safe social distance – 2 metres.
  • Our cleaning procedures have been increased throughout the day and sanitising gel dispensers are available at all our entrances; we urge you use these on entering and exiting the Centre.
  • If possible avoid using the lifts and use the escalators to access the car park areas. However, if you have to use the lifts avoid crowded lifts and take the necessary precautions e.g. wear a face mask and gloves.
  • The disabled toilet and the baby changing room remain open and operational.
  • The mall seating has been removed to ensure social distancing and to deter congregating.
  • Please avoid shopping in large groups and maintain social distancing at all times to protect your health and that of our staff.

Restaurants & Cafés:

Our restaurants and cafés will re-open at a later date and this will be announced on our website and on our social media channels in due course.

We would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the staff of our stores, to our operations team, to all our suppliers, delivery drivers, warehouse staff and behind the scenes managers who put their own health at risk to ensure that the rest of us had food on our tables and were able to receive our important medications.  A huge thank you to you all from us!

Stores Now Open:


Jump Juice

The Card Shop

Fabio Derrici

Newbridge Silverware

Pana Bread


Born Clothing

Carraig Donn




D’Bag Shop

Car Park

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