First Hour of Trading Every Sunday

Did you know that one in 500 people in our population have sensory needs? This includes those of us with down syndrome, autism, alzheimers, dementia, epilepsy and acquired brain injury as well as many of our older population.
Our senses pick up information from our surrounds and make our environment familiar, safe and secure. We all have sensory issues, for example some people may not like the smell or feel of fish, but it is when these issues interfere with our daily lives, that they are classified as a sensory integration disorder.

In order to help those with sensory integration disorder, MQSC is turning down off the music in the Centre for the first hour of trading every Sunday (in line with M&S opening hours) to help reduce the sensory overload.
Staff have received specific customer service training to help meet the needs of those who decide to shop during the quiet hour. This will provide a very pleasant shopping experience not just for those with sensory needs but for many others too.

MQSC, Marks & Spencer and lots of other stores in Cork city centre are providing sensory friendly shopping hours for their customers during their first hour of trading on a Sunday. Spread the word!