Are you looking for a gift for a very small new person?  Have a peep below here to see the beautiful selection of gifts available for newborns in Newbridge Silverware.  Shortly we’ll also be showcasing gift ideas from our other stores here in Merchants Quay including Boots, M&S, Carraig Donn and Fabio Dericci.

Gifts for Baby from Newbridge Silverware

Teddy Bear Baby Rattle €30 * Baby Brush and Comb set €40 * Baby Milestone Book €35 * Baby Frame with Stars €30 * Train Photo Frame €65

Homeware Gifts from Newbridge Silverware

Rose Side Plate €7.50 each * Rose 3 Pce Tea Set €59 * Rose 6 Pce Mug Set €35 * Tall Vase €25 * Cake Stand €20 * Sandwich Tray €18